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Introduction to Special Issue on SPAA’15

Access to Data and Number of Iterations: Dual Primal Algorithms for Maximum Matching under Resource Constraints

In this article, we consider graph algorithms in models of computation where the space usage (random accessible storage, in addition to the read-only input) is sublinear in the number of edges m and the access to input is constrained. These questions arise in many natural settings, and in particular in the analysis of streaming algorithms,... (more)

ThreadScan: Automatic and Scalable Memory Reclamation

The concurrent memory reclamation problem is that of devising a way for a deallocating thread to verify that no other concurrent threads hold references to a memory block being deallocated. To date, in the absence of automatic garbage collection, there is no satisfactory solution to this problem; existing tracking methods like hazard pointers,... (more)

Race Detection in Two Dimensions

Dynamic race detection is a program analysis technique for detecting errors caused by undesired interleavings of concurrent tasks. A primary challenge when designing efficient race detection algorithms is to achieve manageable space requirements. State-of-the-art algorithms for unstructured parallelism require Θ (n) space per monitored memory... (more)

Efficient Race Detection for Reducer Hyperobjects

A multithreaded Cilk program that is ostensibly deterministic may nevertheless behave nondeterministically due to programming errors in the code. For... (more)


Call for EiC Nominations

The term of the current TOPC Editor-in-Chief is coming to an end, and the ACM Publications Board has set up a nominating committee to assist the Board in selecting the next EiC.  The deadline is August 27. READ MORE


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ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing (TOPC) is a forum for novel and innovative work on all aspects of parallel computing, including foundational and theoretical aspects, systems, languages, architectures, tools, and applications. It will address all classes of parallel-processing platforms including concurrent, multithreaded, multicore, accelerated, multiprocessor, clusters, and supercomputers. READ MORE

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Lock Contention Management in Multithreaded MPI

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