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Better Bounds for Coalescing-Branching Random Walks

Coalescing-branching random walks, or cobra walks for short, are a natural variant of random walks on graphs that can model the spread of disease... (more)

Randomized Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search with Limited Adaptivity

We study the complexity of parallel data structures for approximate nearest neighbor search in d-dimensional Hamming space {0,1}d. A classic... (more)

Fast Distributed Algorithms for Connectivity and MST in Large Graphs

Motivated by the increasing need to understand the algorithmic foundations of distributed large-scale graph computations, we study a number of... (more)

Robust and Probabilistic Failure-Aware Placement

Motivated by the growing complexity and heterogeneity of modern data centers, and the prevalence of commodity component failures, this article studies the failure-aware placement problem of placing tasks of a parallel job on machines in the data center with the goal of increasing availability. We consider two models of failures: adversarial and... (more)

Lock-Free Transactional Transformation for Linked Data Structures

Nonblocking data structures allow scalable and thread-safe access to shared data. They provide individual operations that appear to execute... (more)


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ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing (TOPC) is a forum for novel and innovative work on all aspects of parallel computing, including foundational and theoretical aspects, systems, languages, architectures, tools, and applications. It will address all classes of parallel-processing platforms including concurrent, multithreaded, multicore, accelerated, multiprocessor, clusters, and supercomputers. READ MORE

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New High Performance GPGPU Code Transformation Framework Applied to Large Production Weather Prediction Code

A High-Quality and Fast Maximal Independent Set Implementation for GPUs

An Autotuning Protocol to Rapidly Build Autotuners

Schedulling Dynamic Parallel Workload of Mobile Devices with Access Guarantees

Lock Contention Management in Multithreaded MPI

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